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Cherish-UK is a private
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Based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, West Midlands, Cherish-UK specialise in early pregnancy and fertility scans. We are committed to providing the very best service to meet your needs.

What We Offer: Viability Ultrasound Scan

Viability Ultrasound Scan from 6-14 weeks

Sometimes the early weeks of pregnancy can be very worrying, a viability ultrasound scan is useful to provide reassurance that the pregnancy is progressing as expected and has implanted in the correct place. They can also be used to determine the number of fetuses present! This type of scan provides reassurance for couples who have previously experienced miscarriage or if there has been any vaginal bleeding.

Please be aware that if your pregnancy is not progressing as planned or if an abnormality is detected during the scan, the results will be discussed with you immediately following your scan and a plan of action advised.

If the pregnancy is very early then it is usually necessary to do an internal (vaginal) scan. If the pregnancy is more than 7 weeks it may be possible to see enough abdominally (tummy scan), sometimes both scans are necessary to ensure all is well.

The age of a pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the last period (LMP), this means at the time of conception you are already 2 weeks pregnant! By 5 weeks from the first day of your LMP on scan it should be possible to see a pregnancy sac usually with a yolk sac present. Then by 6-7 weeks there should be a fetal pole and fetal heartbeat present. The age of the fetus is determined by measuring Crown Rump Length (CRL), this means the measurements are taken from the top of the baby’s head to its bottom, from this measurement we can work out how many weeks and days pregnant you are.

During your scan we will explain the findings to you and following your scan we will give you your images and email your report to you. If we feel that any follow-up is necessary, we will advise you regarding what is necessary and how to arrange further assessment.

What will the viability ultrasound scan show?

Early Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan 6-7 Weeks Gestation Early Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan 7-8 Weeks Gestation Early Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan 9-12 Weeks Gestation Early Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan 12 Weeks Gestation

Remember every scan is different and the image quality can vary due to several factors.

How do I book a viability ultrasound scan?

Cherish-UK is a private pregnancy and fertility scanning clinic, you can self refer and arrange an appointment at your convenience. To book a viability ultrasound scan please telephone us on: 07580 611 879, fill out our online enquiry form or email us at

Do I need to prepare for my viability ultrasound scan?

For a viability ultrasound scan we recommend that you arrive with a full bladder and drink a litre of fluid prior to your appointment. This will improve the quality and aid visibility of the ultrasound scan.

Viability Ultrasound Scan Fees


Monday - Saturday



Sunday 9.30am - 12pm


Credit Card payments welcome

Payment is required by cash or card on arrival at the clinic. We do not accept cheques.
Credit card payments will incur a charge of 3%.

Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that Cherish UK has a 24 hour notice cancellation policy. If you do not attend on the day and have not made contact to cancel your appointment we reserve the right to charge the full fee.

What's included in your viability ultrasound scan?

Our viability ultrasound scan fees cover all aspects of your appointment which will include the following:

You can purcahse a CD with all the images of your scan for £5.00

Please Note: It may be necessary for both a transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasound scan to be performed. If this is the case then no extra charge is made.

More about viability ultrasound scans:

What Cherish-UK Clients Say About Us

"I have been to see Jackie since I was 7 weeks pregnant. From the moment I had the scan, I was beyond impressed with the level of knowledge, professionalism and care shown to us. From that moment I knew as health professional myself that I would definitely be having supplementary scans with Jackie, not only for reassurance but also for the depth of information that is given at each scan. The warmness & genuine care shown by Jackie has been invaluable and I cannot recommend anyone more highly."

Sheetal, Birmingham


"Fantastic and personal service from both Jackie and Diane. Lovely to have the in depth scan we wanted and to be reassured at a couple of stages of the pregnancy. I would recommend the clinic to anyone."

Jessica, Great Barr


"From the booking, welcome on arrival to the report I recieved the same day, my husband and I were so impressed with the service and expertise we experienced. As nervous parents to be we felt very reassured and would highly recommend Cherish to my friends and family."

Lisa, Birmingham


"Another great experience at cherish after 2 miscarriages and one ectopic, I wanted the reassurance of an early scan at 6 weeks and now a beautiful scan at 20 weeks which I took my 7 year old daughter to and Jacqui was more then happy to answers her 101 questions !!!!. Great experience will go back for another scan in the new year."

Amy, Fradley


"Jacqui fitted me in the same day when I was feeling particularly anxious. She was so reassuring we knew we had made the right decision in choosing Cherish instantly. Not only was Jacqui a lovely lady, she had more knowledge than my midwife and most doctors on the things that were specific to me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend and we will be back for more! "

Ceris, Solihull


"Excellent , understanding and sympathetic service. Highly recommend Cherish to support couples who are anxious about their pregnancies to provide a reassuring and empathetic service."

Marianne, Stratford on Avon


"Phoned in the morning and Jacqui booked me in the same day Cherish UK is an excellent service Jacqui was professional and put me to ease and information she provided at my early pregnancy scan. Jacqui understood my concerns and ensured I was fully informed throughout the whole process."

Jal, Birmingham


"Jacqui was so lovely and completely reassured us. It was an easy and comfortable experience and would definitely recommend Cherish."

Joanne, Bromsgrove


"I had an amazing experience, Jacqi was easy to talk to and so friendly. Incredibly pleased with the scan, it was absolutely amazing. I'd recommend Cherish to anybody. Scan pictures we're beautiful too. Definitely returning for the 4D scan."

Codie, Birmingham


"Amazing service, Jacqui made me feel very comfortable and was so nice about reassuring me everything was fine, she even went on to explain and show me through the scan why I was getting some pain, which after going through a missed miscarriage around the same time was just what I needed to hear to be able to relax again, I couldn't recommend a nicer person and will definately be going back during this pregnancy! Overall, Cherish UK is amazing"

Michelle, Great Barr


"After a history of pregnancies losses my husband and I found the reassurance offered by Cherish to be truly invaluable. The comforting approach of both Diana and Jackie meant that we found real peace. They totally understand what their clients need. Will recommend wholeheartedly to anyone!"

Sarah, Tamworth


"Wonderful and very helpful service. Diana was very sincere and kind about our situation. Having the early scan was very reassuring and we will definitely be going back to Cherish."

Sarah, Olton


"Highly recommend Cherish, was reassured and made to feel comfortable. Confirmed my pregnancy is going well made me feel at ease! Also confirmed a medical condition I have been fighting the NHS for for 8 long years! Fantastic! Will most definitely using Cherish again for a 3D scan!"

Katie, Birmingham


"I called Cherish UK requiring an emergency scan and was offered an appointment without hesitation for the following morning. We were provided with detailed information about what to expect at such an early scan. The scan put our minds at ease. Jacqui was kind and caring which made things a lot easier. Will definitely be recommending Cherish UK to others."

Rizwana, Birmingham


"It was so reassuring to be able to have an early scan after I suffered a miscarriage. Jacqui has been excellent, not only performing a scan but also, due to her extensive knowledge she was able to give me so much information and reassurance. The service was professional but personal, and I was made to feel like an individual."

Jo, Lichfield


"Had an early pregnancy scan for reassurance, Diana was so lovely and helpful, heard the babies heart beat which was amazing.I Would definitely reccomend Cherish UK. Its not everyday that you get to see your baby growing, incredible experience."

Hannah, Solihull


"I had a six week reassurance scan after a previous miscarriage, and the treatment I received for both scans was personal and dealt with in a very sensitive manner. The service is one that I cannot fault. Any questions we had were answered honestly and we left the scan feeling very informed and reassured. Thank you."

Helena, Sutton Coldfield


"Diana was very friendly and professional. After having some bleeding it was reassuring having a scan and being in good hands. We had lots of photos and listened to the babys heartbeat. Thank you for such care and attention."

Hana, Nether Heage


"I attended Cherish UK from the recommendation of a friend who had recently just paid them a visit. My pregnancy wasn't planned and due to the type of pill I was on I didn't have periods so by the time I found out I was pregnant I really had no idea how far gone I was. My midwife didn't seem too concerned about doing an early dating scan however after 8 weeks without even an appointment I was beginning to get incredibly frustrated. At cherish they managed to get me in for an appointment the following week, Diana was so lovely and explained everything as we went through it. She confirmed my pregnancy was 9 weeks and 4 days and gave us lots of helpful information and lots of photo's of our baby. I really couldn't recommend it any more and I can't wait to go back and see my baby's progression. Completely worth the money to put your mind at ease."

Kay, Immingham


"Really nice little place, very comforting, Diana was lovely and made me feel very reassured. My baby was healthy and growing well with a strong heartbeat, having an early scan if you need reassurance is absolutely worth every penny!"

Shelley, Tamworth


"I would like to share my experience. I had some spotting at 6 weeks and Diana fitted me in the same day and reassured me that everything looked fine. I have been back since and again Diana was fantastic, I'm now 11 weeks and very glad I used Cherish UK, it has made my 12 weeks less worrying. Thanks."

Faye, Sutton Coldfield


"Exceptional service received on a same day same day appointment. Felt comfortable and even though our news was sad we came away feeling well looked after and informed. I will definitely use and recommend Cherish/Jackie to my friends or family. thanks a million Jackie."

Karen, Erdington


"I'd just like to say what a lovely caring approach Diana had when I arrived, and although it was not the news I'd hoped for she was very sensitive delivering the sad news. Thank you."

Zoe, Birmingham


"Had an early pregnancy scan, so helpful, so reassuring! Such a lovely lady! Feeling sooo much better now!"

Jessica, Birmingham


"I recently had a early pregnancy scan, I was amazed at how soon they could fit me in here, the lady Diana was so nice and welcoming and explained everything in full."

Sam, Birmingham


"I visited Cherish UK for a reassurance scan after a previous loss. Diana was so lovely, she took time explaining everything to us and worked hard to get us some really good scan pictures."

Theresa, Bilston


"Had a great experience having my early scan (7 weeks). So kind, lovely and welcoming! My mind was put at ease! My baby's heartbeat was very strong and I got great pictures!! Booked in for a 10 week scan also before my NHS 12 week, really wanna keep an eye on my bambino ;) They are reasonably priced and very knowledgable! Very happy! Can't wait to go back."

Natalie, Sutton Coldfield


"We went for an early scan for reassurance as this is our first pregnancy. Jacqui was lovely and explained everything to us. Although I was a week out with my dates Jacqui was able to detect the heartbeat which made everything all the more real. I would definitely recommend Cherish UK."

Leah, Birmingham


"Jacqui performed an early pregnancy scan for me at 6 weeks following a miscarriage and it was extremely reassuring. Jacqui has also performed several scans in previous pregnancies. Jacqui is very knowledgeable and I have found she is very skilled at early pregnancy scanning picking up on things that others have missed. I would highly recommend Cherish UK for anyone who needs reassurance in early pregnancy. You really are getting top quality care at a very competitive price."

Lauren, Sutton Coldfield


"We used Cherish UK under very stressful circumstances. Having been treated dreadfully at another private scan clinic we were left confused and scared. We booked with Cherish for more information as our NHS midwife could not refer us. Jacqui at Cherish confirmed that our twin pregnancy had died at 6 weeks. She was thorough, kind and sensitive. She was able to make us an appointment at the general hospital for follow up, and made things as easy for us as possible in what was an incredibly distressing time.We are currently trying to conceive again, and we will be using their viability scan service as soon as we are able."

Emma, Birmingham


"I would like to share my story. I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks and was extremely excited. About 4 days after discovering this, I lost all pregnancy symptoms and became quite anxious. My midwife gave me the telephone number for Cherish UK 3 days ago. I spoke to Diana who was extremely sympathetic to my situation and agreed to see me just a few hours later. When I arrived to the clinic, Diana was extremely comforting and she confirmed that I was in fact carrying a failing pregnancy. Diana was lovely and calming throughout and treated me with complete respect. I am so glad that I went along for the scan as now I can begin to mourn my loss. Diana emailed over my report which I have to take to my doctor next week if I haven't miscarried. Without the support and reassurance from this amazing lady, I would have found this whole experience too much. I cannot thank her enough for her kindness. I would not have coped without her. Thank you Cherish UK."

Kirsty, Sutton Coldfield


"After spending several hours in A&E with a suspected miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy and being told I would have to wait for three days to have an early pregnancy ultrasound scan to confirm what was going on, we decided to get an appointment at the earliest opportunity at Cherish UK. Jacqui was able to give us lots of information on the possibilities before our scan and was very understanding and compassionate. During the scan Jacqui explained clearly what she was looking for and what she could see and therefore what consequences that might have. To our delight she was able to confirm that I hadn't miscarried and wasn't having an ectopic pregnancy and that there was a baby with a healthy heartbeat there! We are so thankful for having the peace of mind that Jacqui provided and the fact we could be seen quickly rather than having to wait on the NHS. A hundred thank you's!"

Amanda, Rosliston


"This was a extremely good and happy day. I had spotting with my triplet pregnancy at 12 weeks and went to hospital and they could'nt get me a scan for four days later. I was extremely worried as year before I miscarried twins around the same time. I come across Cherish UK and phoned them and got me in same day met a lovely woman called Jacqui who was extremely helpful and was more knowledgeable than the hospital I went expected the worse but Jacqui comfirmed I contained a viable, dichorionic, triamniotic triplet pregnancy and she gave me advice which I will follow. I would reccomend this service to anybody not just scan and go its more like scan and a chat with a friend thankyou ever so much."

Sherry, Wolverhampton


"An excellent service. It was great to be able to book an appointment on a Saturday at a time that suited us. A caring supportive approach from Diana Ham. We couldn't recommend Cherish enough."

Clare, Sutton Coldfield


"I had a scan at Cherish UK with 8 weeks and 5 days, this was the most valuable appointment that I have made in my life. Diana was excellent and very professional. She explained me all about the pregnancy, this was everything that I needed to hear in that moment. Thanks a lot."

Lucia, Birmingham


"Bought a lot of peace of mind, not only do you get the scan, but also a lot of images to take away with you including 3D, and get to hear the babys heartbeat. The lady that performed my scan was lovely and explained everything thoroughly."

Natasha, Walsall


"My partner is 7 weeks pregnant and because we had a miscarriage last year we wanted to be sure everything is ok this time. Jacqui could give me a quick appointment on Saturday afternoon and we have seen on the scan everything is ok and heard the heartbeats as well that was an incredible good experience. Jacqui is very kind and professional to explain everything and we cant thanks enough to her to gave us hope for the future will be ok. We would like to recommend them to everyone who needs an excellent scan service."

Robert, Dudley


"I would like to say big thank you to Diana from Cherish UK private scan when she confirmed our pregnancy and show me and my partner how small life is growing in my body. Looking forward for next scan to see how a little is going. We are warmly recommending this amazing service."

Aneta, Coventry


"A big thank you to Diana for fitting me in on the day and confirming that I was miscarrying. It is very distressing to have symptoms and not get a scan appointment the same day, so I am very grateful to Cherish. Diana was professional and sensitive and the whole family found the experience positive despite the outcome."

Sarah, Birmingham


"I visited Cherish UK today after finding out I was pregnant at 4 weeks and worrying the next 2 weeks. I was 6+1 or thereabouts today and I got to hear the heartbeat and clearly seen it aswell. Even on the tummy scan. I have got excellent photos and now I feel like I can sit back and actually enjoy being pregnant rather than using search engines to get answers which are never useful. I highly recommend using this service. Jacqui is a lovely lady and makes you feel so welcome. I felt silly having a scan so early but Jacqui made me feel like it is perfectly normal for me to want reassuring. I will definitely be going back to see her for scans further into my pregnancy."

Samantha, Birmingham


"I would highly recommend Cherish UK. Following a previous ectopic I was naturally anxious and after having some pains Jacqui got me an appointment the same day. Jacqui from the moment I got there made me feel at ease. She explained everything clearly during the scan and made it easy for me to ask questions. I cannot thank Jacqui enough and would definitely use the services at Cherish again."

Kate, Sutton Coldfield


"We attended the clinic with suspected early pregnancy complications and were naturally anxious. I have to say from starting the booking process to the consultation and then follow up report were all outstanding. Cherish UK staff are highly experienced but also compassionate, please consider if you wish to receive outstanding care and attention in an intimate environment with staff whom make sure your every concern is dealt with. We would absolutely use again and would highly recommend."

Viki, Willenhall


"Extremely professional, caring and friendly. Jacqui put us at ease and was very clear about all the details of our scan. Sadly it was not good news for us, but we were dealt with very compassionately and referral to the hospital was prompt."

Elizabeth, Erdington


"Diana and Jacqui really do offer a fantastic service. I've been able to relax over the weekend and I know without a scan that wouldn't have been the case. It has meant that life can return to some normality. Thanks once again for providing such a valuable and professional service."

Katherine, Lichfield


"Can not fault this service at all. From the quick reply in booking, the friendly face of Jacqui greeting us at the door then conducting the scans with professionalism and making the whole experience comforting! Amazing images received thanks "

Laurie, Birmingham


"Excellent! Diana was very friendly and made me feel very at ease as I was very nervous. The scan made me feel very reassured that all is going well and I will def be back for another scan in a few weeks. Highly recommended!!"

Yvonne, Birmingham


"Had a really lovely experience at Cherish, Jacqui made both me and my parent feel welcome and at ease and very relaxed.we recieved such a friendly and professional service.we went in very nervous but came out feeling reassured as jacqui was happy to answer any questions and treated us really well.i would reccomend cherish it was a great place we are very greatfull."

Sarah, Birmingham


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Situated within a short walk from Sutton Coldfield train station, there are regular rail connections to Birmingham's New Street Station. See contact us for further information.



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